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My First Interview Experience
Thursday, 26 March 2015 | 07:47 | 1 budak gempaks
Hurm, so what is your first thought when you read the title above? Interview? Who likes to be interviewed? Put up your hand and please stop reading my post because I REALLY REALLY HATE YOU. Hehehe, just a joke .

All begin with my application for JPA-MARA Scholarship on 4th March 2015. How excited I am to apply all scholarships that are offered to SPM leavers (as I am one of them). Furthermore, the scholarship offer medical course. I just think that

"Mohon je semua. Harap sangkutlah satu"
Yeah, I did it. As long as the scholarship offered to SPM leavers, I didn't even waste any second to apply for it. So, for about 3 weeks I had to wait for the interview and the time to check my application status had come.
"Tahniah, sudara/i melepasi had kelayakan minimum untuk menghadirkan diri ke SAC"
At that time, I've started feeling nervous. Even I got a week to prepare myself physically and mentally. And the most surprising part is that I have to wear sport attire. Oh My God, what do they want me to do? Do they want me to run continuously without resting for 200 meter??? And I feel like, "Oh Allah, I just apply for scholarship and not a football coach".

Fortunately, it is not like what I think. The sport attire is actually for all the interviewees to feel leisure while progressing the presentations. Yeah that's absolutely true. I never felt like I was in an interview session but it was more like the presentation in class. To be honest, I miss to be a school student.

I never thought of meeting many awesome candidates. They are so friendly and my nervousness slowly fading away. Even we only known each other for 3 minutes, but I felt like I had known them for years. Thanks guys for helping me managed my nervousness.

My groups consisted of 5 persons. 2 guys and 3 girls. Frankly speaking, I felt grateful to be in the same group with them. We were needed to present 2 topics in Malay and a topic in English. The most feared by all of the candidates of course the English presentation. We are Malaysian, right? So, we all became the Mangelishian for a while. I don't what the interviewers thought about us. Hahaha, sorry madam. (I've pronounce the word 'fish' in the wrong way).

So, that's all about today. Tips that I can share after my interview experience is, enjoy your interview and don't make the interview as stressful as you think it would. Enjoy it because all candidates are also like you. They also feel nervous to talk and to stand for their point. Support , help and understand each other. After that, keep on du'a and believe that everything happens for a reason. Have faith in Allah, then Allah will ease your life, Insya-Allah.

Kawan-kawan baru, satu group. Korang kena tahu yang korang sangat awesome. Thanks Allah for giving me the chance to get to know them.

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