January 09, 2015

My Long-journey Day

Do you wanna build a snowman? Come on let's go and play...

Assalamualaikum korang....

Dah tekan belum iklan nuffnang dekat atas? Haha, just a reminder . So far, how's life? Wonderful?

Terrible? Unforgettable? Nothing to describe your day? For me, today is a long-journey day . Why?


today I've to walk about infinity kilometers only to look for vacancies . But I feel grateful

because the weather today is fine (Not really . It has been raining for this whole day. I thought some

 day Johor will be flooding too) . I'm not praying to experience the flood , but this phenomena

always happen on the early January annually (Really?) . So, about my 'searching for vacancies' story .

I not yet get even a job, but at least I have filled the forms given to me and I think I can memorize

my  home address 'SUCCESSFULLY'. I also have to answer some questions (a lot actually) like an  

'INTERVIEW' maybe . And I've answered all the questions honestly. But I remember this question

so much .
"Awak dapat plkn tak?"
And I feel like 'Gulp'
Like I said, really honest
"Kenapa tak pergi?"
And I feel like second 'gulp' go down through my throat.
And why this time I do not talk honestly that I have to attend an Englich class from January to March. Daa???
"Sakit apa?"
Oh my god . (Kau ni takde penyakit saja je cari penyakit)

And finally I do not even get that job albeit I have answered all the question 'HONESTLY' because

of the 'penyakit' . Now, can anybody give me a lesson that you get from my 'quite-interesting' story?

(Kita hidup jangan menipu!)

Oh, okay ! (Touch deep to my heart, liver and lungs)

I agree. I have to admit that I should not have lied the interviewer and I promise to talk honestly even

though I have to break someone heart or maybe make they feel sad in their whole life .

Thank you for spending time to read my post . Bu bye...

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