January 11, 2015

My First Driving Session

Assalamualaikum korang...

Guess what . Today I'd like to share the most memorable and unforgettable event in my 17 years life .

I'm not yet married and I am not interested with the term 'COUPLE' . The event that really make me

feel anxiety is I've drove a car by myself for the first time in my lifetime. Okay, at first I feel a bit

nervous and I can feel that the butterflies are flying freely, randomly and happily in my stomach.

(Could you imagine the colorful butterflies in my stomach?). I've learned to drive with Cikgu Suzy

and I swear that my first thought about her that she is a man-eating teacher (Okay, I exaggerate about

her too much). Actually, my first thought strayed far from the real her. She almost fed up with me

(because I always caught stuck in the middle of the zig zag section and I feel like to jump out of the

white Kancil car) And I know, if the car can talk it will ask my teacher to change for another student

maybe. For your information Kancil, today is the first time in my 17 years life I hold the steering

wheel and I have to turn it around all by myself with the teacher ready to push the brake in case of

accident . Why, why the zig zag section should be there hah??? Why??? And my car's engine always  

'OFF' in the middle of the track. I always forget to push the clutch before pushing the brake. I

always forget to push the clutch every time I suppose to, I always forget everything that cost my life,

you know?? Know I realize why my mom need a year to force herself to drive by herself albeit she

has got her license. Now I agree why my mom feel scared to drive during the night although the

street lamp always on to accompany her in her journey. But I do not even understand why my father

can drive from my home to KL (that usually takes about three and half hours) in just 2 and half hours.

Where the rest an hour goes??? So, that's all about today. A lot to share but I'm afraid that my lovely

sweetie readers feel bored enough to keep on reading. Thanks for lending your eye and heart (maybe)

to read my 'blabbering' today. Thanks and don't forget to comment bruh! Hahaha .

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