January 03, 2015

Happy Birthday, My Queen!

Tadaaaa... Comelnya budak yang duduk atas kerusi tu. Nak Nombor Boleh??? Hehehe

 Assalamualaikum and Happy 3rd January Everybody.

Dah lama tak update blog and I think it was about 1 year . Sebab sebelum ni rasa tak ada mood and

nothing to share. Moreover, I  still study in high school and I have a lot of homeworks to do. Since

now I am a school leaver (Cewahhh!!) and I've got a lot of free-wasted-time (Oh really!). Not really

lah! So, I decided to share everything that happen in this whole year with all of you. (Like you ever

care). Haha, Joking.

So, as the introduction I would like to wish my beautiful, gorgeous, hot and the important is my

lovely queen of my heart a             HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! 

May I present to you the one and only Queen of My Heart:


Name : Miss Nor Iada binti Zakaria
Born Date : 2nd January 19**
Age: (This section is actually SECRET AND CONFIDENTIAL. huhu..)
Superiority: Good Cook, Beautiful, Brilliant, Diligent and so many that I can't state here
Favourite Colour : Green
Children : Syafiqah, Adzie, Ana and Aliyah (My nickname only start with letter 'S')
Husband : Rosli bin Otho (This is the most handsome king in this world)

Now, whoever dream to be the queen in my heart, sorry the vacancy is already not available 


I've created this lyric for you;
 Melody:  Blank Space (Taylor Swift)

I've got a blank space mother,
And I write your name.

Such a nice and creative lyrics, right??? Haha. Don't take to the heart ye you olls...

Thank you for reading and Have a nice day!!

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