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Monday, 23 May 2016 | 08:07 | 0 budak gempaks
Hye guys...
It's quite long time I don't manage to update my blog since I'm focusing on my study. Alhamdulillah, I just finish my foundation program a week ago. Even though I feel depressed and sad to separate with my friends there. Moreover, In shaa Allah, most of them will pursue their dream to become a doctor in India. Even if they are MARA local scholars, we will be still studying in USM but at different places.

I've applied for Medical study for my degree and Alhamdulillah I were offered for the interview session (it just an interview though). But, I feel really grateful as I need the qualification required just to get into the interview such as 4.0 PNGK, Band 3 and above for MUET. Alhamdulillah, Allah has eased my path.

But I always wondering what I'm going to be if I didn't manage to pursue my study in medicine. USM only takes 100 out of 600 candidates. The probability of getting that course is 1/600. I always thought why they do not take all the 600 candidates? Then I realized, if everyone that is smart and brilliant in the world want to become a doctor, who will be the engineer, the scientist, the lecturer ect. I hope that I am not one of them but I only can pray and hope that Allah will give me whatever that is good for me.

I always remind myself to always have faith in Him because He knows what is the best for His slaves. Sometime I wondering when I see some people struggle so hard to excel in their studies but still doesn't manage to get an excellent result while people seems to play around manage to pass their exams with flying colors. It is not fair right. But, Allah is the All Knowing. Maybe if the person get an excellent result, he or she will be far from Him. He want us to keep praying and depending just on Him. 

People nowadays (inc me) tends to look for Allah whenever we in hard time. Allah miss how we used to mooch, cry, pray to get what we want. He want us to always put Him as the priority. In order to get that from His slaves, he put a test on His slaves. The more we seek for Allah, the more we will be granted.

If one day you feel hopeless and feel like to end your life, remember Allah is always there with you. He never stop love and care for you despite all of our wrongdoings in our daily life. Thus, don't forget to say Alhamdulillah everyday because Allah is always there to love you.

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Name : Nurul Syafiqah binti Rosli
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Ambition : Doctor in the making
Status : Currently studying in Scool of Medicine, USM
Hope : I hope to become a perfect slave to Allah and success in not only on the earth , but also akhirat

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