May 24, 2016

Pencarian Bloglist Jun'16 by Biha Azman

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Aku ni bukannya baik pun.....

Alhamdulillah, now untuk sesi bahasa rojak. Saja je, asyik tulis English je nanti Bahasa Melayu tak reti pulak (bajet). Okey, now Pyka terpanggil pulak untuk kongsi satu benda. Actually, ini juga hasil daripada perkongsian seorang sahabat Pyka.

Dia baru-baru ni dianugerahkan Anugerah Tatasusila. Which means yang ada tatasusila yang tinggi, hormat cikgu, sopan. Ya, Pyka admit dia memang layak dapat anugerah tu. Jadi, tak habis-habislah kami semua puji dia. Lebih-lebih lagi ramai budak lelaki sangkut pulak kat dia. Nak tahu tak dia cakap apa? Dia cakap ;

Kita ni bukannya baik pun Pyka. Pyka lagi baik. Sebenarnya, Allah tutup keburukan dan aib kita. Sebab tu semua orang nampak kita baik.
Pyka mula bermuhasabah diri. Selama ni, orang puji aku baik aku iyakan je. Tapi, hari ni aku baru sedar sesuatu. Apa yang terlahir dari diri kita adalah sebenarnya apa yang Allah rasa terbaik untuk kita tonjolkan. Setiap keburukan Pyka Allah tutup dengan beribu-ribu kebaikan. Ya Allah, betapa aku selalu lupa kepadamu.

Orang yang mencuri, kenapa kita kata dia jahat? Sebab Allah bukak aib dia. Kalau Allah tutup aib dia, tak ada siapa akan tahu dia jahat betul tak? 
Alhamdulillah, Allah kurniakan Pyka sahabat-sahabat yang kebanyakkannya banyak mengajar Pyka yang dangkal sangat ilmu keagamaan ni. Tapi, perlahan-lahan Pyka belajar.

Jadi, kalau kita nak Allah tutup aib kita di dunia mahupun di akhirat, kita sepatutnya mula belajar menutup aib saudara kita. Allah itu Maha Adil. Tidak ada manusia sempurna dekat dunia ni. Bila orang puji kita baik, ingatlah Allah masih melindungi keaiban dan keburukan kita. Bersyukurlah kerana Allah itu Maha Penyayang.

Thank you for reading. Setakat ni je yang mampu Pyka kongsikan. In shaa Allah, ada masa Pyka akan update lagi post-post yang memberi kesedaran untuk kita semua. Da da!

Life in Kolej Mara Kulim

Lately I feel like to wirte everything in this blog. Hahaha. But, when I have sat in front of the computer, I will go blank all sudden. Thinking of write to write about. Actually, I made up my mind to just write about life in Kolej Mara Kulim. I hope that my post will actually ease the juniors that are going to enroll in this college, especially for Pra-U USM program (I still wondering why on the earth that USM put us in Kolej Mara Kulim instead of the university itself).

I just wanna share with you guys that my final semester 2 examination result will be out shortly. This makes me nervous and I really hope I don't have to know what is my result is. I know whatever the result is probably the best and destined by God for me. But still, I am a human that will never satisfied while not getting the excellent result.

So, this is it. The beginning of your journey of Kolej Mara Kulim students. Hehe. Peace!


Most of us stay in a dormitory especially block D and E. But, there is also a block that are separated according to room not dorm. So, just see whose unit is lucky enough to get the room..


For Pra-U USM program, the teacher treat us like their own children. We will never feel treated the way university students used to be treated. The concept of learning is as the same way as during in secondary school. So, it's not impossible for you to get 4 flat though.(For our batch, 93 out of 121 students manage to get 4.00 for first semester. The other 28 students manage to get 3.5 and above. Alhamdulillah)


In Kolej Mara Kulim, you will feel that you are still in boarding school. The food have been served for you, darling. So, there's no way for you to say you don't have enough money (especially when you are MARA's and JPA's scholars). But, we can go to the restaurant in front of the college to buy food (sometime you just need to control yourself, or otherwise you will end up 'pokai' every end of the month. That is obviously referringto me. Huh!)


Don't worry, there will always be an air-cond in every class. But my program is a bit unfortunate because we always get the old and dirty class which I bet nobody ever enter the room for about 10 years. Moreover, the air-cond always get broken and we have to bear with the situation until the air-cond is fixed (which usually takes 2 weeks). Sabar je lah....

Overall, it's not bad to face the 'school environment' though. Maybe if you have experienced study in PASUM or Dengkil or ASPER, then you might compared Kolej Mara Kulim with those universities. But, seriously you will love it and will never ever able to move on. (Just like me!) Even though I hate the ikan tongkol (which is I think harder than tungkul), but I miss the bond between us. It really takes time for me to get to know them but well, I love them very much even we only get to spend our time together for just 10 months. I miss them already. Huhu.

So, thank you for reading. My post is a bit boring I reckon but I hope this will help the juniors soon. Feel free to ask anything, just drop a comment below and In Shaa Allah I will respond shortly. Thank you for reading. Love you!

May 23, 2016

What's the Best

Hye guys...
It's quite long time I don't manage to update my blog since I'm focusing on my study. Alhamdulillah, I just finish my foundation program a week ago. Even though I feel depressed and sad to separate with my friends there. Moreover, In shaa Allah, most of them will pursue their dream to become a doctor in India. Even if they are MARA local scholars, we will be still studying in USM but at different places.

I've applied for Medical study for my degree and Alhamdulillah I were offered for the interview session (it just an interview though). But, I feel really grateful as I need the qualification required just to get into the interview such as 4.0 PNGK, Band 3 and above for MUET. Alhamdulillah, Allah has eased my path.

But I always wondering what I'm going to be if I didn't manage to pursue my study in medicine. USM only takes 100 out of 600 candidates. The probability of getting that course is 1/600. I always thought why they do not take all the 600 candidates? Then I realized, if everyone that is smart and brilliant in the world want to become a doctor, who will be the engineer, the scientist, the lecturer ect. I hope that I am not one of them but I only can pray and hope that Allah will give me whatever that is good for me.

I always remind myself to always have faith in Him because He knows what is the best for His slaves. Sometime I wondering when I see some people struggle so hard to excel in their studies but still doesn't manage to get an excellent result while people seems to play around manage to pass their exams with flying colors. It is not fair right. But, Allah is the All Knowing. Maybe if the person get an excellent result, he or she will be far from Him. He want us to keep praying and depending just on Him. 

People nowadays (inc me) tends to look for Allah whenever we in hard time. Allah miss how we used to mooch, cry, pray to get what we want. He want us to always put Him as the priority. In order to get that from His slaves, he put a test on His slaves. The more we seek for Allah, the more we will be granted.

If one day you feel hopeless and feel like to end your life, remember Allah is always there with you. He never stop love and care for you despite all of our wrongdoings in our daily life. Thus, don't forget to say Alhamdulillah everyday because Allah is always there to love you.