March 26, 2015

My First Interview Experience

Hurm, so what is your first thought when you read the title above? Interview? Who likes to be interviewed? Put up your hand and please stop reading my post because I REALLY REALLY HATE YOU. Hehehe, just a joke .

All begin with my application for JPA-MARA Scholarship on 4th March 2015. How excited I am to apply all scholarships that are offered to SPM leavers (as I am one of them). Furthermore, the scholarship offer medical course. I just think that

"Mohon je semua. Harap sangkutlah satu"
Yeah, I did it. As long as the scholarship offered to SPM leavers, I didn't even waste any second to apply for it. So, for about 3 weeks I had to wait for the interview and the time to check my application status had come.
"Tahniah, sudara/i melepasi had kelayakan minimum untuk menghadirkan diri ke SAC"
At that time, I've started feeling nervous. Even I got a week to prepare myself physically and mentally. And the most surprising part is that I have to wear sport attire. Oh My God, what do they want me to do? Do they want me to run continuously without resting for 200 meter??? And I feel like, "Oh Allah, I just apply for scholarship and not a football coach".

Fortunately, it is not like what I think. The sport attire is actually for all the interviewees to feel leisure while progressing the presentations. Yeah that's absolutely true. I never felt like I was in an interview session but it was more like the presentation in class. To be honest, I miss to be a school student.

I never thought of meeting many awesome candidates. They are so friendly and my nervousness slowly fading away. Even we only known each other for 3 minutes, but I felt like I had known them for years. Thanks guys for helping me managed my nervousness.

My groups consisted of 5 persons. 2 guys and 3 girls. Frankly speaking, I felt grateful to be in the same group with them. We were needed to present 2 topics in Malay and a topic in English. The most feared by all of the candidates of course the English presentation. We are Malaysian, right? So, we all became the Mangelishian for a while. I don't what the interviewers thought about us. Hahaha, sorry madam. (I've pronounce the word 'fish' in the wrong way).

So, that's all about today. Tips that I can share after my interview experience is, enjoy your interview and don't make the interview as stressful as you think it would. Enjoy it because all candidates are also like you. They also feel nervous to talk and to stand for their point. Support , help and understand each other. After that, keep on du'a and believe that everything happens for a reason. Have faith in Allah, then Allah will ease your life, Insya-Allah.

Kawan-kawan baru, satu group. Korang kena tahu yang korang sangat awesome. Thanks Allah for giving me the chance to get to know them.

March 22, 2015

2 Miracle Years...

How I wish I can turn back time so that I can enjoy every precious moment that I never appreciate. Anyone has heard about SESERI or SM Sains Seri Puteri. My School is not SSP, thus I am not a SSPian. I am SESERIan and Alacris 13/14 and I'm really really proud to be one of them.

         I remember my first thought about girl school when my mom told me that I offered an SBP, that was my school.

 "Girl school? Oh my two years gonna be years without soul. What a boring life".
Hahaha. How childish I am. I'm thinking to be the same school with the other gender (boys). I never think of that I would be as strong as I am now. I never think of that I would ever appreciate somebody that I called "friend". In SESERI, we learn many things. SESERI is famous for having very strict rules and sometimes it is unnecessary for us to have that kind of nonsense rule. But now I realized, the nonsense rule is what make SESERI very special in my heart.

"Sekolah kitorang just boleh call from 2 to 6 and from 10 to 11.30"
"Seriously korang ada waktu call"
          Every time I told my friends from other schools about my school, they would tell me that they won't able to "survive" with a such complicated life. But, you see, all 203 Alacris manage to "survive" there. Don't ever judge a school by its rules. 

          The strict rules, the never-compromise and hygienic principal, the stressful life of a student are actually what make Alacris stronger. We learn to help each other, to "back up" each other and to respect each other.

          There are many teachers that actually treat us like we are their daughters. They are our mothers and fathers. They never feel tired or fed up with our attitude that sometime really "childish", even the children of 5 years old never act as childish as us.

          I remember how angry my principal was when 72 of Alacris were caught get out from school before 2 to get home. I admit that this activity has become "tradisi" among SESERIans since 2003 I reckon. But unfortunately, my batch is the most unfortunate batch among 11 batches. And as the result of our stubborn act, all 72 students were forced to pick up stones at the Dataran Wacana. The lesson that we learned, 
"Never ever try to break rules. Don't ever believe the quote 'rules are mend to be broken'." 
The punishment a bit silly and funny, right? That was the most unforgettable punishment that I've ever had. Thanks Datin for that memorable punishment.

           Now, I've left the school for about 4 months and I still remember every pieces of memories that make me who I am now. 203 girls are meant to be together face the 2 challenging years, yet makes our bond really strong. I realize, I will not get this moment if I was accepted to others school. I never know Alacris, I never now what cooperation really means and I will never learn how much you need friends when there are no family around you. 

          SESERI, thanks a lot because you had taught me many things. I cherish every moment I had when I was still a SESERIan. And Alacris, my batch, I hope that we will be united again one day. Alacris had taught me a lot and I swear, I LOVE ALACRIS WITH ALL OF MY HEART. Nobody will knows what make SESERI so special, but I know SESERIans will always do.

Never judge SESERI from the outside appearance
Malam Gemala Puteri. RM110 flew away just for this night. Classmates and will never ever has a boy.

Hey you, we are all girls!!! Muke kami sangat flawless. Huhu...

My sporting dorm mates that have helped me a lot. Thanks my bae. Next time I will post about you all, okay?!