January 07, 2015

Third Day of My English Class

Hai Kucing... Hangpa tengok tv dekat-dekat ke na.. Rabun dah hang...Hihi


Actually, there's no point i put that kind picture up there. Just I can't stop myself from copying that

picture's URL and paste it here. So, here it is. The picture of a wearing-spectacles-cat . Such a cute

cat,i sn't it? Moreover, it is licking its nose (Hoping that I look cute too, if I do that 'cute' action.   

Perhaps). Actually, I just want to share about my English Class. Yeah, even I've attended the class

just for three days, but I think my English has improve a lot (Haha, kidding). I am not trying to be

big-headed or what, but I just want to improve my language. I forgot to write this in the past post, so I
write it here. I hope people won't misjudge me for my English post . Sorry if there are a few mistakes

in my writing but I hope somebody who realize my mistake will give some comments or maybe some

advice. I am still learning and feel free to 'travel' my blog. Not all my blog's contents are in English.

Only my life stories that I write in English. Some post that I think benefits others and need

understanding, I write in English. No worry lah! Haha. Thank you for reading. Don't feel shy to

comment and follow me! Bye!

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